Sunday, March 4, 2007

live from the nut hut

Almost 10 years ago i was an office drone and i spent my lunch hour across the street at a used record shop almost everyday. I was already friends with many of the employees but the real perk was being in tight with the manager. This long hair was an ex-junkie by the age of 18 and obsessed with Spacemen 3, Deviants and Hawkwind... so anything outside that realm was free gain for me.

One average afternoon i went over to the store and he gave me a nod and motioned for me to go into the back storeroom with him. There, in piles on the floor, was a huge blues and roots collection in near mint shape (or NM for the collector scum). He let me pick out whatever i wanted and then proceeded to bag them up and give them to me for free. I nearly shat.

Apparently, this widow brought this amazing booty in the night before. Her husband worked for a blues station and these records were squirrelled away in the basement. There were countless gems that i still have even after suffering a severe karma attack.
while filing the records, a stack of them fell off the top of my shelf and conked me on the head... knocking me out for a few seconds. When i came to i had this fucked up twinge in my back that i still suffer with today. I have no doubt that the ghostly hand of that old coot pushed those records on me to let me know that my ill gotten fortune took him a lifetime to acquire.

One of the best LPs in that collection was this compilation called COUNTRY NEGRO JAM SESSION on the late great Arhoolie label. Nestled in the midst of the fantastic slide blues and dusty country licks was this fucked up jam called "Foxhunt".
I think it's better enjoyed without my pontification.
Below is the description from the back of the album.
Click on it to download.


Anonymous said...

Greta mp3 thanks for that!!! Did YOU ever consider a stay at the state Mental Hospital in Jackson LA???

Anonymous said...

This is cool. It's a better post than most of the ones before. Atleast you are not making fun of folks that you are pretty cordial to in person. You are no H.L. Mencken OR Lenny Bruce. Fuck, you are not even Andrew Dice Clay. Stick to the music spiels.

Matt said...

I used to work in a hut.

Anonymous said...

dude, can you burn ot dub this for me? i'd love to hear it. -justin