Tuesday, March 6, 2007

grape pop and hot fries

Was i the only person that watched The White Rapper Show on Vh1? Now i dislike MC SERCH as much as the next person that knows 3rd Base sucked, but i have to acknowledge the fact that he was a major source behind the greatest hip hop album of all time (NAS "iLLMATIC) and one of the most slept on (O.C. "WORD...LIFE"). I'll let his awkward fat ass slide on those merits alone.

The real reason that show slayed all other reality shows was that it was produced by EGO TRIP. For those who may not know, EGO TRIP was at first an amazing periodical in the early 90's that covered hip hop with unrelenting insight, wit and love. They were the only magazine during that time that even came close to MOTORBOOTY's god head smart ass status. Since they folded, they put out 2 must have tomes: Ego Trip's Book of Rap Lists and Ego Trip's Big Book of Racism

Anyhow... the point being that THE WHITE RAPPER SHOW, beneath it's seemingly played out premise, was filled with cameos and references to a time in hip hop where all seemed to be right. When it was the most vital form of music vs today where it is for the most part a virtual muzak. Yes, there are still great artists, decent labels and good tracks to be had but they are in the minority (irony?).
So this got me flipping thru my poorly filed 12"s and i put together a set of some of my favorite records from 1990-1995. After '95 there was a definite change in climate (and not for the worse) so i decided to take it EZ on myself and just stick to those years.
below is the track list and below that is the link.
Word to your tattered Afrika Medallion.

1. buck-whylin - terminator x '90
2. murder rap - above the law '90
3. make it happen (remix) - ultramagnetic mcs '91
4. this is a visit (hardhead mix) - downtown science '91
5. one in the chamba - the almighty rso '92
6. fat pockets (radio remix) - showbiz & ag '92
7. punks jump up to get beat down - brand nubian '92
8. saturday nite live (horny mix) - masta ace '93
9. close the crackhouse - professor x '93
10. get funky (remix) - the beatnuts '94
11. suckas need bodyguards - gang starr '94
12. mad izm - channel live '94
13. the funkiest - funkdoobiest '94
14. 9th wonder (slicker this year) elaine brown - digable planets '94
15. headz ain't redee (beatminerz remix) - black moon\smif-n-wessun '95
16. daaam! (buckwhild remix) - tha alkaholiks '95

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thisisanartthreat said...

3rd Bass' "Fear of a Homosexual Jew Planet" is a fucking masterpiece, you goddamn dilettante.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the Jus Rhyme joint to drop. Keep it crunk, tunk.