Friday, May 21, 2010

STAB004 going to press

The 4th release on stabUdown is going to press as i type.
Dutch Rub : The Complete Recordings will be out by early summer 2010.
A limited edition run of 50 CDs.
These will not go fast so don't bother.

12 tracks of isolationist hard rock\hardcore\hard listening from a completely unknown early 90s ohio trio that barely made it out of the practice phase. Tracks were recorded on a 4 track in some house in Medina and above an infamous gay bar in Lakewood (that is now a Walgreens) that was reportedly a favorite stop of Freddie Mercury when he was in Cleveland.

Wish i could say his buck tooth spirit pervades the music but truth is it's more along the lines of Buck Henry.

MP3 samples may or may not be put up shortly depending on how bored i get with this project.
This was a real band and not a modern hoax but the joke is still on you.

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